Summer 2024 Program

All of our classes are instructor-led and taught online.

The Summer 2024 Program is from June 17th to August 16th. Most courses are one week long, Monday to Friday, for half a day in the morning (9:00am-12:30pm PDT) or half a day in the afternoon (1:30pm to 5:00pm PDT). Learn about our summer policies here.

We are offering two immersive courses, Java and Python, where you can learn the entire 5-course Java series or Python series over the summer! That's a savings of $330 compared to taking each course separately.


Don't see a time that works for you? Then email or call us at (408) 320-4660. If you can form a group of 3 or more students, ask to see if we can add a new class.

All times are in Pacific time zone (California).

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Summer 2024 Workshops (1-week courses)

Summer 2024 Immersive Classes

  1. Courses for younger students with little to no programming experience

    These are visual programming languages where you drag and drop blocks and connect them together to form your program. This is the best way to learn coding as it focuses on the logic, problem solving and critical thinking skills without getting hampered on typing and syntax. It provides quick feedback and results to encourage and keep your child engaged.

    Rather than taking the entire series in order, we encourage you to take a few classes of each category and then move up to the next level over the years. Otherwise, the abstraction and the math might require concepts that they may not have learned in school yet.

    • Scratch - Create your own animation, story or game using this very popular visual programming language by MIT. At WhizKidz, there are five courses with the first two covering the basics of coding. The next three are Scratch Games, Scratch and Math Puzzles, and Scratch Multiplayer Projects that pushes Scratch to its limits! These are intermediate level courses which can be taken in any order.
    • MIT App Inventor - Create Android mobile apps using the Blockly language created by Google. This is a five-course series that covers the programming fundamentals, the various sensors on your phone/tablet, and integration with different databases and storage. By the fourth or fifth course, we encourage your child to publish an app on the Play store!
    • Minecraft Modding with EpicMC Modly - Use the Blockly language to build Minecraft mods (short for modification) on WhizKidz's own unique platform that is open to the public! Build fancy structures with a single click. Give yourself superpowers. Create cool minigames or games inside of Minecraft. You will learn to think in 3D and to develop multiplayer games! The underlying language is JavaScript so you will be learning this language without realizing it!
    • LEGO robotics - There are two series of LEGO at WhizKidz. LEGO WeDo takes simple building and programming and blends it with science. LEGO EV3 is the gold standard for robotics for 9 to 14 years old. The LEGO EV3 courses provide the background necessary to compete in the wildly popular FLL (First LEGO League) tournaments held each year.
  2. Courses for students ready to learn a traditional programming language

    WhizKidz has an entire series of classes for each of these languages so you can work your way from the start to become an expert.

    • Web Dev (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) - Create dynamic web sites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. JavaScript is one of the most popular languages in use today. The Web Dev series consists of the two courses in HTML and CSS (Web Dev 1 and Web Dev 2) followed by three courses in JavaScript (JavaScript 1, 2 and 3).
    • Python - Python is used in the real-world for building test infrastructure, internal scripts, and standalone and web applications. It is also used by a number of high profile applications such as OpenStack, Dropbox and Blender. The Python series consists of two basic courses, Python Programming 1 and 2, also called Python Workshops during the summer, and then Intermediate Python 1, 2 and 3. Python is the leader in machine learning with its wealth of library support, having overtaken the R language. WhizKidz also has a mini-series on Python and Machine Learning.
    • Java - Java is one of the top languages used by enterprises for building large web applications and standalone applications. The AP Computer Science A exam, where you can earn college credits for passing this exam, is based on Java and object-oriented programming. The Java series consists of two basic courses, Java Programming 1 and 2, also called Java Workshops during the summer, and three intermediate courses named AP Java 1, 2 and 3. The name simply denotes that this series will cover all relevant topics included in the AP Computer Science exam. WhizKidz offers an AP Computer Science A Prep course dedicated to preparing you for the exam after you have completed the Java series.
    • PHP - PHP is by far, the most widely used language for building web sites, with a commanding lead of almost 80%! It is primarily what Facebook and Yahoo originally used to develop their web sites. The PHP series consists of five courses, Modern PHP Programming 1 and 2, and intermediate courses that cover MVC (Model-View-Controller) paradigm, integration with a relational database, and use of the #1 PHP framework called Laravel.
  3. Courses for students interested in robotics and electronics

    • Robotics - WhizKidz has a wide range of robotic courses that start at elementary school all the way up to high school. The series for these are LEGO WeDo, LEGO EV3, mBot, VEX EDR and even a DIY robot! See above for more information on the LEGO classes.
    • Raspberry Pi - Use this computer on a card to connect to the outside world with various sensors. This class primarily uses Python. Although knowing Python is definitely helpful, it is not a required prerequisite.
    • Arduino - Use this microcontroller to learn about electronics and connect to the outside world with various sensors. These courses use C to program the controller. Knowledge of C is not a prerequisite for these courses.


All classes are held online using Zoom.

Lesson Type

Our courses are instructor-led. We have an 6:1 student/teacher ratio but typically, the class size is much smaller. This allows for personalized learning and individualized attention, yet they still have the opportunity to work, share and collaborate with others and make new friends.

If you prefer private lessons, check out our Tutoring/Private page for more information.


The course will list what computer equipment is required for the class. It will also list any hardware or software required.


The cost of the course is on the schedule page. If you want private lessons, see the Tutoring/Private page for more information. Some courses like Raspberry Pi require that you purchase the device.

Expected Behavior

We reserve the right to dismiss any student from a class if they are causing excessive disruption. The student will be warned about their behavior and the parent will be notified first before this happens. There is no refund for the course if the student is dismissed. For any other future courses that the student might be enrolled in, the remaining balance will be refunded minus any credit card fees.

What If I Miss a Class?

If your child misses a class, there is no makeup class or credit. In most cases, we do have a recording of the video that you can access. If your child can't make the entire course or the rest of a course, then see the Cancellation Policy next.

Cancellation Policy

You can get a full refund if it is more than four weeks before the course start date minus any credit card fees if applicable. Otherwise, you will get credit to take any other course (adjusted for any cost difference) at another time within six months of the course start date. If you do not sign up before six months, you will forfeit the money you pay for the course.

How to Sign Up

Take a look at the courses below which are sorted by date and time. Click the course link to see more information about that course. Click the Add to Cart button to add to your shopping cart. For payment, we accept VISA, American Express, MasterCard and Discover. If you have questions, please call us at (408) 320-4660.