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  • We teach 5 to 18 year olds.
  • Small classes for personalized learning
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Why WhizKidz?

  • 1-year curriculum in Java, Python, Web Development, Scratch and more!
  • Largest selection of high-tech courses
  • Project-based and innovative programs
  • Prepare for the AP Computer Science exam
  • Prepare for the USACO programming contests
  • Publish a mobile app
  • Highly qualified and trained instructors
  • Low student/teacher ratio
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A great school that not only teaches you how to code, but also how to think as a developer. My son really enjoys the personal approach at WhizKidz.

Peter T. Father of son, age 10

My kids have been to WhizKidz for various lessons and they love to learn how to design games, given the directions and instructions from the teachers.

Jocelyn Mother of two sons, ages 7 and 10

I'm so glad that we found you! Both of my sons LOVE what they are learning.

Karen Mother of two sons, ages 9 and 11

My daughter had an AMAZING time in class. Thank you so much! She has been working on Scratch every day since.

Nicole G. Mother of daughter, age 8

Thanks for being our teacher today. The girls had lots of fun.

Tanya Organized Girl Scout event at WhizKidz

Thank you for all your efforts, and for making the Java class educational and yet not boring.

Nita Mother of son, age 14

My kids go to their classes and like it. Instructor (Steven) is patient and helpful.

Anu S. Mother of son, age 10 and daughter, age 7

My daughter SO loves you! Thanks for following your heart & finding your calling.

Courtney Mother of daughter, age 9

Again thank you -- and specifically to you for the way that you teach and have spent time with my son... turning him from a technophobe to a Scratch coder, gamer, and IT guy-in-the-making... all because of your great teaching style!!

K. Mayenkar Father of son, 6

Thank you very much for the additional information, both were very excited and happy taking this classes. Both claim that they are interested in HTML. Thank you again for giving this course.

Daniel L. Father of son, 13 and daughter, age 10

My 2 kids went to WhizKidz this summer for Java workshops. My schedule had a lot of changes last minutes so I had to switch classes around several times. Steven was very accommodating and willing to work with me to meet my schedule. He was also super responsive even for inquiries during the weekend. Also my kids liked the instructors at Whizkidz. I would go back for more classes at Whizkidz.

Terry L. Mother of twin sons, age 14

My sons took your courses this past summer in Los Altos. They loved you! I would like to see if there's any chance you can offer private lessons for them.

Yuan L. Mother of twin sons, age 11

Arnav is looking forward to Python level 3. I will sign up online.

Ruchika Mother of son, age 12

Thank you Mr. Steven. Ethan is lucky to have you as his mentor.

Jane Mother of son, age 8

Thank you for being a wonderful teacher and mentor to Adam!

Amy Mother of son, age 11

Thanks for the update. Justin told me he enjoyed the Python class a lot by actually doing the programming. He showed me what he has done and I am very proud.

Jerry Y. Father of son, age 13