WhizWise™ - WhizKidz for Adults!

What is WhizWise™? It's WhizKidz for Adults!

Often times we get requests from parents who want to take a WhizKidz class. Having a parent learn along with other kids is not a very desirable environment for either. We decided to share our expertise and do better by offering private classes and tutoring for adults.

Unlike the kid's class on Java or Python for example, the curriculum is specifically tailored for adults who need to understand it at the enterprise level. This might involve more than just the programming language itself such as writing unit test cases and understanding how to use Git or Subversion.

We also offer tutoring in specific domains such as cloud computing, virtualization, containers, big data, SQL, Node.js, and front-end development. So whether you want to understand a programming language or a subject matter better in order to speak with engineers, or whether you intend to switch careers to become a software engineer, contact us and see if we can help. We've already successfully taught QA engineers, software managers, technical marketing folks and more.