After School TechKidz Program™
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The After School TechKidz Program™ makes high tech learning a high priority. The goal of this program is to ensure that by the time your child graduates from high school, he or she has the necessary computer knowledge and programming skills to become successful in today's high tech world. The students will go through our computer science core curriculum based on their age, experience, and interest and in collaboration with any goals that you might have. This unique program offers semi-private lessons and personalized learning at a lower rate than our once-a-week classes.

The TechKidz Program is instructor-led and places emphasis on building a solid foundation in computing by focusing on concepts and doing hands-on coding and projects. You select the number of days and the time that your child can attend each week on a monthly basis, and we will take care of the rest!

Program Information
  • Meet 1 ½ hours a day
  • Start at the beginning of any week. You will be placed in the appropriate group depending on age and experience.
  • Continue to learn new topics each week
  • Follows the same curriculum as our once-a-week class. If you attend all five days, you can complete a course in 4 weeks (half the time)!

Siblings get 10% off at checkout if you sign up for 3+ days per week!

2021-2022 Schedule
08/16/21Start of After School Program
09/06/21Labor Day
09/17/21Staff Learning Day
10/29/21Staff Learning Day
11/11/21Veteran's Day
11/12/21Non-Student Day
11/22/21-11/26/21Thanksgiving Break
12/20/21-12/31/21Winter Recess
01/03/22First day of After School Program in 2022
01/17/22Martin Luther King Day
02/21/22-02/25/22Mid-Year Recess
03/14/22Staff Learning Day
04/18/22-04/22/22Spring Recess
05/06/22Staff Learning Day
05/30/22Memorial Day
06/09/22Last day of After School Program
How to Sign Up

In the Enrollment Options below, select the days you want to enroll, the month and start time. Then click the Add to Cart button to enroll. This will be added to your shopping cart. We accept VISA, American Express, MasterCard and Discover.


If your child will be absent, email or text us, and provide the full name of your child and a phone number. There is no refund or make up on another day if your child is absent.

Cancellation Policy

If you decide to cancel, you will be charged for the current month plus $50. You are eligible for a refund for the months that have not started minus any discounts you may have received and a 3% credit card fee if you paid with a credit card.

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The most common choices are 4 or 5 days a week for best continuity in the program. You also get the best savings!